The Journey of Affeem

Affeem, A brand for apparel & home decor renders a platform to those who desire an innovative personal style of living.

Affeem symbolises resurrection & eternal life leading to imagination in the most luxurious way. It represents perfect balance of feminity & power. Affeem lives up to its name by reviving the dying art of India

The idea of ‘Affeem’ was incepted more than a decade ago. Gina, the founder and creative director of Affeem, grew up in a family of jewellers from Jaipur and has carried the dream of having her own fashion brand since she was twenty years old. She graduated from Gemological Institute of America; GIA in 1997. Gina still continues to pursue jewellery design & manufacturing in her home town, Jaipur.

Being a designer by profession, Gina has an eye for detail, innovation and creativity. She beautifully blends her unique ‘romantic- classic’ personal style with contemporary modern silhouettes. The experience of more than 25 years in the jewellery industry has taught her the art of reading consumer psychology. This innate creative bend and passion for apparel and home decor has impelled her to study in-depth details about Indian textiles and handicrafts.

Subsequent research of India’s diversified cultures has led to the curation of Affeem. Although, New kids on the block, research gives them a concrete base to dwell on, however the enthusiasm and freshness remains of an infant!!